About Us

Our aim is to breed Maine Coons from both Australian and Imported lines, focusing on health and temperament. All our kittens are born and raised in a family environment and our kittens grow with us so they are familiar with people from birth.

Madawaska is a small cattery based on the outskirts of Sydney in Australia. We are registered breeders with ANCATS Australia. All our kittens can be dual registered with ANCATS and TICA.

All our breeding cats are tested for HCM, PKD and SMA before breeding to ensure we are breeding with clean lines.

Nutrition is a very important to us at Madawaska Maine Coons. As they are a large breed it is very important to us. All our cats and kittens are fed and raised on Royal Canin Baby Kitten, Kitten and Maine Coon as well Indoor. We also feed human grade fresh meat and as a treat they get roast chicken and Fancy Feast. Our fur babies always have a fresh supply of water.

The photo below is a small part of our outdoor entertainment area, there are Three cages for our babies to go outside. Still more to be done with the addition of a Koi Pond and a large grassed area for the larger cats so they can wonder around the yard safely without getting out or feeling threatened.

Growing kittens also have their own kitten room complete with a TV and Lounge, Scratching Tower and lots of toys.

Madawask Outdoor Area